Ocean Pod: Can marine coatings offer ecological and economical benefits?

Shipowners and operators want their vessels to operate faster, cheaper and greener to meet rising competition and new environmental regulations.

“There is no silver bullet to solve all the challenges but the use of proven quality marine coatings and monitoring systems is one area operators - and the industry – can achieve significant impact,” argues Jotun’s global concept director, Stein Kjølberg, in the Ocean Pod session organised by Dagens Næringsliv, the leading business daily in Norway.

With global trade on the rise, Kjølberg foresees fuel consumption - and comparable carbon dioxide emissions – in the shipping industry increasing in the years ahead. “Fuel costs are a significant variable in the operational budget so any measure that saves fuel meets both ecological and economic drivers.” 

Listen to the full podcast here:  https://player.pippa.io/5cf51761af801e8f03086fe2/episodes/how-to-operate-ships-faster-cheaper-and-greener?theme=default&cover=1&latest=1

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